Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birth Stories

I have been so into Birth Stories lately. Since I am now officially 18 weeks, one more week until we have the ultrasound, I have started thinking alot about my own delivery. It is a ways off but home births, midwives, epidurals, birth centers have been on my mind. I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

If you are into birth stories as much as I am, here are a few places to read:

Cjane ~ she just recounted the birth of her second child at home.

Progressive Pioneer ~ stories from other guest bloggers about personal home/natural births (stories are interspersed with other posts)

Design Mom ~ on her own sixth baby, guest bloggers share birth stories.


jabeybaby said...

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow, yay! I think home births are scary, it amazes me that someone wants to give birth without a doctor in a big tub! I'm a little bit of a worrier though I guess.

Camille said...

I've never been able to accept the idea of having a baby at home! But I'm not much of a risk-taker. Give me my epidural and I'm a happy mama. :) I'm so excited to find out what you're having :))

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

So happy for you ;)

Boy do I love birth stories too ;) Thanks for the links. Only a couple more months to go for us.

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