Monday, December 20, 2010

Neighbor Gifts

We live in a great neighborhood, and I have alot of friends and neighbors I like to give alittle something to during the holidays. Letting them know, Merry Christmas from our family. So....I added Pecan Logs to my  Christmas Candies List. I always make chocolates, toffee and cookies, but this year I wanted to try Pecan Logs. My sister Kitty, who is the professional actually sells them, and she came up with the idea for Pecan Balls. Aren't they cute??

Each of our neighbors received a cute pecan ball for Christmas. Nothing to me says or feels like Christmas like something handmade from the kitchen.

From my family to yours: "Have a wonderful Holiday this Year!!"


Ella said...

Won't you be my neighbor? ♫ won't you please? ♪ pleas won't you be my neighbor?♫♪ Those looks fabulous!!!

Camille said...

I love Kitty's pecan logs. What a great idea to have little bite sized portions! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Sydney said...

These sound absolutely delicious!

Sue said...

I'd love to be your neighbor:) These look yummy and so festive the way you wrapped them up!

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