Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deep Thoughts

I have only been blogging a few months, and have been trying to analyze why I like it so much. I find my mind works in very different ways when it comes to blogging. I think to myself quite frequently: Wouldn't that be fun to put on my blog, great idea for my blog, how would I say/translate that on my blog OR they are so creative on such and such's blog, hilarious post on such and such's blog, I wonder what such and such is up to on her blog.

So, as I have been trying to analyze and dissect why I love it so much I have found two thoughts to be true:

#1 - The blogs that I like and want my blog to be like... in some form or another remind me of a magazine. As a teenage, I was enamored with the magazines that arrived every month for my Mom. Country Living, Martha Stewart's Living, Victoria, Better Homes and Gardens...i loved them all. I would spend lazy afternoons reading articles, letters to the editors, features and recipes. As an Adult I am no different, I love my magazines and all the fun tidbits, ideas, inspirations and recipes they offer. A dream of mine has always been to work for a magazine or start my own.

That is why I love blogs, it is like a little snippets from a magazine everyday. Reading each new blog it it like turning a page in a magazine...with great ideas, insightful thoughts, crafts, new and vintage items and collections. I basically can't get enough...everyday is like getting a magazine in the mail.

#2 - I like to blog because I am not a show off, I don't like to toot my own horn, my life is not about me letting everyone know how "great" I am or what "great thing" I have just accomplished. But, I do find that blogging is a great outlet to "show off" my ideas, recipes, collections, crafts and other fabulous happenings without being intrusive about it.

I like that fact that anyone can choose to visit or not choose to visit someone's blog - it's their prerogative. And I can rattle on and on, and do post after post and put picture after picture on my blog without feeling like I am stuffing it down everyone's throat. It is a very hands off approach to letting people know what "great things" you find enjoyment in doing.

For these 2 reasons I really enjoy and get much enjoyment out of blogging. Why do you love to blog?


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I love your deep thoughts. I have these all the time. It'll be the middle of the night and I'm thinking up blog titles in my head when I can't sleep!

I love blogging to share and to see what others have to share. I think it makes this big world a little smaller and friendlier.

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