Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye

For those who are not aware on December 23rd our beloved Trooper was totaled in the parking lot of Del Taco in SLC. Luckily no one was hurt, because no one was actually in the car. The driver ran straight through a major intersection flying over the 4 foot snow embankment and smashing the front of the Trooper. Adam saw most of what happen from the inside of the Del Taco while eating dinner.

The boys and I wanted to pay are last respects and say goodbye. So we drove up to Co-Parts in N. SL where the Trooper was being stored and what I thought was going to be a major bawl fest actually turned into a lot of fun. The boys pretending to smash and create all the dents with their own fists into the trooper and we laughed instead of cried about not having the trooper around anymore.

We had a pretty major attachment to the trooper -- we had owned it for almost 7 years and bought it when Jack was a baby. Until the boys saw the Trooper they just didn't understand why the Trooper couldn't be fixed.

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