Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilt Love

I've had the itch to start quilting again {post baby} but finding the time has been harder than I anticipated. It seems like every time I sit down to start quilting the baby decides his nap is over or when I have a few  minutes a million other things need to get done {shower, laundry, dinner, homework}.

Since it is February, I decided to show some LOVE to a few of my "old-half finished" projects before I tackled anything new. Not only would it bring a huge since of satisfaction to finish something in my TO-DO pile, but being half way complete would get me that much closer to finishing before February is over.

I immediately decided to work on my Vinatage Propeller Blocks from {gasp} September 09!! I had nearly all the blocks given to me by my Loch Lommond Quilt Group. I just needed to make a few more in a couple colors {red and blue} and then I was ready to start piecing the blocks together. I am really happy with the progress from about last Wednesday. I am making the quilt 6 across by 8 down, once I put the borders on it should be about twin size. I haven't determined the borders size yet, put I am leaning towards a yellow or purple fabric choice.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Presidents Day and the long weekend!!!


Barb said...

My sons would always cry when I sat down to wonder I eat so fast...HA!!

Love the quilt!

Kristin said...

ooh la la! I love this setting. Keep goin'!!

Ella said...

This one is very cute!! I'v never seen this one! what is up with that?

A & E said...

hey lady! can't believe how big henry is-and i love the quilt, it's beautiful.

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