Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Setting Goals for the New Year

Last year I was all about getting ORGANIZED. I spent most of January de-cluttering our house, getting rid of excess and making rooms work effectively. Only to find out the end of January I was PREGNANT. Unfortunately, I had (literally) just gotten rid of all our "baby stuff", we thought a baby wasn't in our future. Even though I got organized I spend 9-ish months compiling a large amount of "new stuff" for the baby.

So, this year I am staying away from organizing and focusing on GOALS. In January,  we set family and personal goals. I typed the goals out on the computer and now we have them in a 3-ring binder.

Each Sunday, we have (about) a 15 minutes family meeting. In the meeting we review our family goals, and each person reviews their personal goals. We also go over the upcoming week and fill in what each family member has going on: soccer, parent teacher conferences, date night etc. After we fill in the week, we put it on our fridge for an easy reminder.

It keeps everyone on the same page and I am hoping (fingers crossed) I can instill a level of stick-to-it-tiveness (yes, I actually say this word) and a certain amount of follow through with my kids. 

As a family one of our goals is to complete 12 hours of community service. Once the snow thaws.... we will sit down (at our family meeting) and pick a service project. I am really excited to see my kids out of their comfort zones and giving back in some way.

I also jotted down some goals for 2011. Just a few: I want to learn how to make my favorite cake - just like my Mom - German Chocolate Cake. I want to learn to Ski. Quilt more. Read 3 financial books. I really tried to pick things I am passionate about and won't want to abandon after 2 weeks....hopefully reading them once a week is going to help.

What new goals have you set? Abandon them yet?


Frieda said...

Congratulations! Both on the pregnancy and for setting personal and family goals.

Frieda said...
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Ella said...

What great Idea's you have! Maybe I can get my family on board with this one!! lol (MAYBE)

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