Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden in Progress ~ Mid Week Munchies

I have a small garden. I love it. I plant things I love to eat. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, squash. Heres' a little peek into my summer garden.

 Growing up, my Mom always called cucumbers; cucks.

This raspberries plant has a funny story. Our neighbors to the left bought their house about three years ago. On the fence separating our two houses they had a large raspberry crop planted by the previous owner. When they moved in, they ripped out the raspberries plants.(Gasp!) Right between the fence some raspberries plants started growing, on our side. Hoorrah! The last three years the raspberries have slowly grown and now they are large enough that we are planning this fall to transplant and grow our own raspberries. I am not sure of the variety but they taste delicious.
How are your summer veggies looking?
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Ella said...

looks like you already have a squash on!!! Mine is out of control... tomato plants got too big before husband could build me cages :( I also had a lot of tomatoes plants popping up were I did not plant them... I'm guessing from last year. Also cucumbers I think maybe all that early rain we had may have washed them around the garden. But most of it is growing!!!Yay!!!

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

My garden isn't thriving this year. It's been so cold and wet! grrrr.. But it is looking a little better today. I am hoping warmer weather is coming. My yellow squash started to grow and then just rotted. boo.... My peas are looking good tho! LOL

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