Monday, July 25, 2011

Holly's Quilt

I have an exceptional friend who is expecting a baby in October. She has two little boys and is expecting her first GIRL!! When I found out what she was expecting, I got straight to work on a baby quilt. When I attended Quilt Market Meetup, in my goody bag I got a sample pack of reproduction Micheal Miller fabrics. I thought they colors and fabrics were perfect match for my friend. I recently finished the top and can't wait to quilt it, bind it and present it to my dear friend. Stay tuned on the progress!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ride UTA ~ Field Trip Friday

Last Friday, my boys and I we had the oppotunity to ride UTA (Utah Transportation Authority) brand new rail line from History Gardner Village to Daybreak. Growing Up in Oregon I waa always riding the pubic rail sytem, with Oregon's freeways and insane Traffic as a teenage, riding MAX (that is what its called in Oregon) was a great way to get from point A (my house) to point B (downtown Portland). It was safe and inexpensive.

When UTA came up with the concept of letting bloggers and their families ride and try/test out the new rail line, I couldn't resist. I don't know about you, but Me and My Three Boys in the Car ~ can get a little CrAzy!! The rail line was like a breath of fresh air. No seat belts or car seats, lots scenery and room to move. My two older boys happily boarded the train, picked their seats and chatted about the scenery.
The train is pretty, clean and smooth. The stops along the way are are all convient and have easy access on and off. The Gardner Village stop is awesome, right accross the street from Archibald's. I can tell already that is going to be a busy stop. Our last stop was on the backside of Daybreak ~ which isn't super close to the Daybreak shops or where my friends live, but if I asked I'm sure they would come and pick me up!!

GiVeAwAy!! Want to try and new rail yourself! It opens August 8th to the public. Leave a comment here (on this post) and you'll be entered to win a family 4 pass to ride the train. Giveaway ends one week from today: July 30th at midnight. Good Luck!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Food ~ Mid Week Munchies

Now that my baby is 9 months old. (yikes!) I thought I would share a few of my tips and tricks for feeding the little guy.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own ideas about feeding their baby, these are just my suggestions and what has worked for me. As a Mom, please do whatever you feel is best for you and your baby.

I make my own Baby Food. Yes, I do! It is super easy and works the best for me and my schedule (a.k.a LIFE) I mash my own bananas, buy regular applesauce and cook my own carrots. Since I am already feeding "normal" food to my two older boys I just lump the third one in as well.

When I had my first baby, traditional Gerber baby food was too expensive on our tight family budget so I just improvised and made my own: mashed potatoes, peaches, raisins. It worked so well, I have never looked back. All my boys, to this day, are great eater, they aren't picky and just about any food makes them happy.

I follow doctor's instructions and don't give them any milk products or meat until they are one years old and I do try and really limit their sugar intake, but honestly with two older brothers they are always slipping Henry something sweet.

Happy Wednesday, Enjoy the summertime!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Propeller Quilt Finished

Over the weekend, I finished the border (machine quilting) and the binding on my propeller quilt. I choose three straight lines for the borders. I didn't feel anything specific calling out to me and since my machine quilting skills are below minimal I decided for Safe and Simple.
I choose a checked yellow binding. I thought it brought out the yellow in the border and since yellow is never my first choice...I went out on a limb. Don't get my wrong, I love yellow. I adore yellow: sun + bananas + flowers + hair color + yield signs. You name it yellow and I love it. But when I look through my closet or my stash yellow is hardly seen. Maybe I need to make an all yellow quilt just to prove to yellow that I like her. Brilliant!!

FYI ~ these pictures do not do this quilt justice. My camera was really acting up.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden in Progress ~ Mid Week Munchies

I have a small garden. I love it. I plant things I love to eat. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, squash. Heres' a little peek into my summer garden.

 Growing up, my Mom always called cucumbers; cucks.

This raspberries plant has a funny story. Our neighbors to the left bought their house about three years ago. On the fence separating our two houses they had a large raspberry crop planted by the previous owner. When they moved in, they ripped out the raspberries plants.(Gasp!) Right between the fence some raspberries plants started growing, on our side. Hoorrah! The last three years the raspberries have slowly grown and now they are large enough that we are planning this fall to transplant and grow our own raspberries. I am not sure of the variety but they taste delicious.
How are your summer veggies looking?
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lagoon ~ Field Trip Friday

 For my husband's work summer party they treated the employees to a day at Lagoon.
 It was the perfect day, warm enough for a few hours at Lagoon-a-beach, and no jacket once the sun went down.
 Hands down our favorite ride was Wicked!
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cars 2

Last weekend we had the opportunity to see Cars 2. Half Price Utah and Anyhour Sevices sponsored the event for a few bloggers and there families. We arrived Saturday morning and the festivities were already underway. HPU (visit them on Facebook) and Anyhour Services know how to host a party!! From the moment we stepped in the theatre it was all about the kids, fun and Cars 2. We won a few great prizes and gift cards (which never happens!) and that made the boys really excited. They also had special Cars 2 products for the bloggers as a Thank you gifts for attending.
I will admit Cars is not my favorite Disney movie, but the boys loved it. The plot was a little convoluted, but the racing and the comedy was hilarious. Thank you again to the sponsors Anyhour Services and Half-price Utah for such a great family experience. 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Food ~ Mid Week Munchies

When I like to be organized (which doesn't always happen!) I like to make lists. I especially like to be organized when we go on vacation and in consequence I have alot of vacation lists. This month we are headed on our annual Tahoe Trip. We go every year and love the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. There are 12 of us and we typically go for 7 days. Food is a huge component on this trip. With 4 adults, 3 teenagers and 3 others on the cusp of teenage is always on the mind.

Tahoe is an expensive town and everything costs more. Being from Utah where food is at a relatively average price...buying groceries in Tahoe is outrageous. We've learned, I make a list and bring as many groceries as possible from Utah. A grocery list for Tahoe not only saves $$ but multiple trips to the store in Tahoe. Nothing is worst than trying to make a meal and you don't have a key ingredient. Everyone is starving and someone has to run to the store to buy butter!
I make 3 food lists for Tahoe: Essentials, Menu Meal and Snacks

Essentials: eggs, butter, salt, pepper, syrup, milk, popsicles, bread. We always stay in a house and typically there are some essentials available for our use, but you just never know.

Menu Meal: We plan a menu for our nightly dinners, I try and list everything I'll need to make for each dinner. A couple days before we leave I start compiling all my ingredients to take with us.
Breakfast is easier because we know we will either make french toast, pancakes or aebleskivers. A big breakfast is critical for a day on the beach or jet skiing.
Lunch is always sandwiches and snacks, which are put into a cooler to enjoy later in the day at the beach or on a hike.

Snacks: Out of 12 family members, 8 are kids and they love to snack. Having lots of cookies, snacks, drinks and chips at their disposal is key. With 8 kids running around you hear alot of I'm hungry!!

How do you get ready for a trip, especially when food is involved? I love to know your tips and tricks.

Happy July!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Machine Quilting

Over the long holiday weekend I attempted my first machine quilting. I had done little things here and there, but nothing bigger than about 24" by 24". I knew with my husband home to watch the kids and my baby on his nap schedule I felt pretty confident I could get it done.

Five years ago I bought my Bernina and I told myself... "now you can learn to machine quilt!!" I was so excited.... free-motion quilting was something I was eager to learn. Well, over the last five years I've done absolutely nothing. Nadda! To be completely honest, I was scared of screwing up and by the time I got the top finished I just wanted to send it off to Ella and have her do all the dirty work. Not this time, I gave myself a good lil' pep talk and I couldn't be more proud!

Before getting started I consulted a few friends, watched a few youtube videos and read online about tips and tricks.

Realizing I was a newbie to machine quilting, I chose a QUILT top I felt confident with. It took me a couple days to iron, smooth, smooth again and pin. This was the scary part: what if the back is just a hot mess?!? with puckers and folds and whatnots? Luckily the quilt is just under twin size and easy enough to manage. Besides, I don't know if I would conceivably ever try and machine quilt a Queen or King myself.
In my kitchen, trying to keep things relaxed and easy going.
Because of the size of my borders and blocks I didn't have to mark the quilt. I just made sure my walking foot was in between the white fabric!
I am so excited! The quilting looks beautiful. I feel like I've crossed an invisible hurdle and can now use my machine for small simple quilts. Straight line machine quilting was perfect for this quilt. I wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt the borders so I'm taking a few days to contemplate my next stitch.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday is the 4th!

I love when the Fourth of July falls on a weekday, it just makes the day feel more special! My husband loves the 4th... it is his favorite holiday. Really!We love the BBQ's, fireworks, ice cream, Freedom and friends. I thought I would share a cute little poem about dear sweet Besty, is she grand!!

Betsy Ross lived on Arch Street near Second,
Her sewing was very,very, fine.
General Washington came down to see her,
To order a brand new flag.
Six white stripes and seven pretty red ones.
Thirteen white stars upon a field of blue;
'Twas the first flag our country ever floated,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue.
Three cheers for the red, white and blue.
Three cheers for the red, white and blue.
'Twas the first flag our country ever floated.
Three cheers for the red, white and blue!
by Barbara J. Ortler

Happy Fourth of July.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ragnar Relay ~ Field Trip Friday

The weekend of Father's Day, I ran in the Wasatch Back ~ Ragnar Relay. I got to spend 2 amazing days sweating, cheering and running with 5 of the best ladies I know. 35 + hours in a van, 15 all terrain miles and some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah!!

Saturday Morning 10:30 ish....Jordanelle Reservoir.

Finish Line: Park City High School.
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