Friday, September 21, 2012

A Much Needed Break


(baby binding)
My baby is a month old. How on earth? Why does a month in pregnancy seem to literally take an eternity but once the baby is here life seem to flash forward? My husband's out of town on business and he called me this morning to tell me he had a dream we had a FIFTH boy! Oi!

Because he is out of town, I got a baby sitter last night and got away with a long time friend, Kristin, and we spent the evening quilting. Kristin helps runs the Utah County Modern Quilt Guild of which I am a member.  If your local, and want to join a "quilt group" the UCMQG is fantastic and so worth it.

I didn't realize until I was sitting there sewing away on my machine how desperate I was of a much needed break, doing something I love, without the distractions of husband and kids. (Of, course I had cute little Andrew, but he just slept and was easy peasy!) It was great to just visit and work on a few projects.

Leaving my house last night I was highly ambitious on what I would get done. Ha, Ha. I thought I'd work on some 30's granny squares, put a binding on my baby's quilt and make a dent in my Dresdens. Double Ha, Ha. I got 2 out of 3 accomplished and I felt leaving so energized, I resolved to steal bit of time each day (realistic, no?)  and do something "quilty". I am sure some days it just won't be in the cards, but sometimes is better than never. Right?

Happy Friday!
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