Monday, December 20, 2010

Neighbor Gifts

We live in a great neighborhood, and I have alot of friends and neighbors I like to give alittle something to during the holidays. Letting them know, Merry Christmas from our family. So....I added Pecan Logs to my  Christmas Candies List. I always make chocolates, toffee and cookies, but this year I wanted to try Pecan Logs. My sister Kitty, who is the professional actually sells them, and she came up with the idea for Pecan Balls. Aren't they cute??

Each of our neighbors received a cute pecan ball for Christmas. Nothing to me says or feels like Christmas like something handmade from the kitchen.

From my family to yours: "Have a wonderful Holiday this Year!!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Travels

This year my family and I are traveling for Christmas. The last and only other time we traveled for Christmas was over 7 years ago to my parents in Oregon. Way back then, I had a two year old and we flew. Three kids later and all the TSA regulations (scary!) we are driving our little family of five to sunny California this holiday.

Athough this will be our first Christmas traveling by car we are no strangers to the Family Road Trip. Never Fear: I've come prepared. Here are some simple, handy, tips and tricks to traveling.

No. 1 ~ Never leave a Man behind. With four Men in my family I've got to keep track of them all!!

NO. 2 ~ Let the driver do the driving. The parent in the passenger seat keeps the kiddos happy so the driver can keep his/her eyes on the road.

No. 3 ~ Keep the kids entertained. This year Santa is dropping presents off early. Activity bags for both boys! Drawing paper, favorite new book, crayons and activity books.  

No. 4 ~ Don't be afraid to stop. We are all about the pedal to the metal, but this time we have a 3 month old. Yikes! Lots of breaks for the littlest man. This year we are even spending a night over in Vegas.

No. 5 ~ Prepare a Emergency Kit. You never know what may happen. Although we are traveling to warmer weather stranger things have happened. We are packing extra water, food, first aid kit, matches etc. Just to be on the safe side.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mid Week Munchies ~ Gingerbread Marshmallows

If you live in my house you love Hot Chocolate. We'll I don't, but everyone else is addicted. They want it after school, after sledding, after racking leaves. (Yes, here in Utah we have snow on the ground and are still waiting for all the leaves to fall off the trees) during game night, before bed. Lets just say, I make alot of hot chocolate in the winter months.

So, when I came across Jet-Puffed Gingerbread Man Marshmallows I couldn't resist. Plus, they were only a $1 at my local grocery store. Warm hot chocolate, a splash of whipping cream and gingerbread men! Smells and tastes like Christmas.

P.S. I changed my profile picture. My friend Ella took it for me!! What do you think?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giant Gummy Bears

Do you have a massive Gummy addition?? Would you love to eat a 1/2 lb. giant gummy bear on a stick?  I do!! I am ordering these large than life novelty gummy candy for my boys to open on Christmas Day. Who cares that the bear will probably be larger than their faces, they will have a tummy ache half way through and love it.

Want to order your own? Click here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chinese Zodiac

My boys are fascinated with the Chinese Zodiac. They love their year's animal and they love to find out everyone elses. Although I really don't believe in it....the characteristics of the animals usually match the person. What is your families Chinese Zodiac? Here is ours:

Me:  Year of the Sheep (1979)

Hubby: Year of the Ox (1973)

Oldest Boy: Year of the Snake (2001)

Middle Boy: Year of the Rooster (2005)

Baby Boy: Year of the Tiger (2010)

If you were born in the years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 you a Tiger.
What animal is 2011: The Rabbit. What's yours??

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 Weeks

8 Weeks! What a joy this baby has been. I've learned alot this time around and three kids can be a juggling act for sure. I did give myself a slight advantage by waiting 5 1/2 years, but in the end I still only have 2 arms.

8 Mommy Tips Learned in the First 8 Weeks

1. Rest, Rest, Rest ~ take the time to heal
2. Help, Help, Help ~ don't try and be superwomen, when people offer graciously accept
3. Feeding Time ~ everyone is just going to have to wait when your feeding the baby
4. Trust your Gut ~ Henry was very fussy and I took him in at 2 weeks and found out he had acid reflux. Prevacid ~ what a lifesaver
5. Bag Balm ~ perfect remedy for diaper rash

6. Siblings ~ my older boys have absolutely loved holding and interacting with Henry
7. Binkie Holder ~ no more screaming "Where's the Binkie??"

8. Enjoy ~ they are small for such a brief time just enjoy it!!

Other tips from Moms out there?? I would love to hear from you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Henry's Quilt

About 2 weeks before I had Henry I finished this quilt top for him. I love the main fabric. I searched high and low for the perfect fabric in every quilt store along the Wasatch Front. I wanted something that said "little" but not "baby". I adapted the quilt top from a few quilt ideas off Red Pepper Quilts.

I finally decided how I wanted Henry's Quilt quilted.
I had my quilt buddy Ella do a checkerboard pattern.
I love how it turned out....looks very boy-ish.
 The quilt measures 50" by 50".

I love the stripe I picked out for the binding. It is so playful and fun.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Baby Henry is 2 weeks old today. Hard to image, my husband was racing me to the Hospital at 3, in the morning, 2 weeks ago to have a baby we had been waiting for so long to arrive. I went into labor at 1:45 a.m. and had him at 3:43 a.m. Not Bad!! When he was finally ready to come he made a speedy appearance.

I am recovering better than expected. I have been pampered, spoiled and coddled by my Mom, family, friends and neighbors and it has made all the difference. I knew the third time around would be harder and more challenging than ever and really feel blessed and loved by those around me who have felt inspired to help. Thank You.

My boys have been so adorable. They just love on him all day. Because we hadn't decided on a name and called him Baby for a long nine months, the name has kinda stuck and it is sweet to hear the boys call him Baby.

Thank You everyone for you well wishes and happy Autumn.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hardware Halloween

Normally we aren't decorating our pumpkins this early in the Halloween season, but my 8 year old was invited to a Halloween Party over Fall Break (no school) and came home from the party with a carved pumpkin. While he was gone, my husband had been working on a project (what a surprise!) and had every screw, nail, bolt and other miscellaneous hardware(s) all over the kitchen table. This got my 8 year thinking and he wanted to add a few screws and bolts to his pumpkin. Make his pumpkin alittle more intense. I was a little surprised by husband obliged, other than each pumpkin having about $10 in hardware, it was really fun to see his creative juices flowing.

Little brother had to get in on the action as well. He calls his pumpkin a "mechanical spider". Both boys were intensely working for a good two hours on their masterpieces.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Henry

Baby Henry arrived at 3:43 a.m. weighing 9 pounds 2.9 oz. He was 19 inches long and 1 week late. I couldn't have asked for a better delivery and more wonderful Attentive Husband, Dedicated Nurses and Unwavering Midwife helping to bring little Henry into the world on October 5th 2010. Going unmediated for the second time was an intense, challenging experience but I wouldn't have it any other way. Becoming a Mother for the third time is an unforgettable experience, but just in case I forgot anything I had my (amazingly talented friend/neighbor) Kimberly photographing every Birth Moment. Thanks Everyone!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Due Date

I have reached my Due Date and feel soooo good about where I am at. Mentally and physically I feel like now I am ready to have this baby, but if need be, I can wait a little longer. According to my last period I am due Today, if you go off my ultrasound I am due Monday. Either way I feel like when this baby is done cooking he will let me know. I am dilated to a 3 + and 80% effaced so I know things have been progressing..... when will be the magic day or hour only the baby can decide that.

With my free time, I have been checking off a mental to do list of things I can take care of before the baby arrives:
  • I made 4 freezer meals ~ 2 lasagna and 2 chicken pot pie. I am considering more if time allows.
  • I have set up payments for all my bills in October ~  preschool, credit cards, car payment etc. Nothing like a late fee or waking up in the middle of the night remembering something important was due.
  • My fridge and freezer are stocked with food and snacks so lunches will be easy and no one will be hungry while Dad is in charge.
  • I have cleaned and set up all my Halloween decorations. I know once this baby comes I will never get around to it and who doesn't want to start celebrating Halloween a few days early!
  • I have re-read a few chapters in some of my favorite childbirth books and am ready to tackle another unmedicated birth!
  • I have my bags packed ready to go to the hospital. I bought a couple new shirts and lounge pants to wear at the hospital and when I get while feeling tired, sleepless, overwhelmed and probably more I don't have to feel grungy.
I have been praying this baby gets here with One, Healthy, Happy Delivery! Please keep me in your thoughts.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Dresser

With just a few days before my due date (Next Tuesday!) the nursery is getting some finishing touches. We have opted to use the bassinet for the first few months and not even assemble the crib. The nursery will be too small with crib, dresser, rocking chair and bassinet all fighting for space in the room. When the Baby (yes, we are calling him Baby, because we haven't decided on a name!)  has grown out of the bassinet will set up the crib and make the transfer.

Crib and Bassinet aside, we desperately needed a dresser. I had the perfect corner in the nursery and knew I needed a specific dresser to fit the space. I wanted something tall, 5-6 drawers, all wood and  preferably inexpensive . After searching furniture stores and online unsuccessfully, I turned to the local classified hoping to find something perfect.

Turns out a family living right around the corner from us was selling a dresser with the exact space proportions, 5 drawers, black, all wood and I was able to get it for $40. That is a better deal than Desert Industries!! It had alot of coats of paint and I was planning on a good sanding job as well as new fresh paint., but once we started taking off the layers we loved the shabby look and just went with it. Although I kinda feel like shabby chic is going out, it still looks cute for a baby, and when he gets older and chews the corners no one will know the difference!!

What a relief to have this off my list. It looks great and all the drawers are filled with his adorable must-haves and what-nots!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pacing Myself

I thought I had been really pacing myself with projects for the baby this pregnancy but as the end draws near (I am now at 37 weeks) I feel like my "To Do Before the Baby Arrives" list has become a bit daunting. My list looks something like this:
  • Paint Crib and dresser
  • Bassinet and bumper pads
  • Pre-register at hospital
  • Buy a car seat and finish car seat cover
  • Bind baby quilts and make receiving blankets
  • Crib sheets
  • Burp clothes
  • Wash and organize baby clothes
I understand that a few of these I have waited on because I need my hubby's help: paint crib and dresser, which he does plan to tackle in the very near future. Most items on the list like: receiving blankets and bind quilts, I have almost done, but I just gotten around to finishing. But two things I did accomplish over the holiday were: burp clothes and bassinet bumper pads.

The tutorial I used for the burp clothes are from my amazing creative blogging friend, Amy from
Diary of a Quilter. I love her easy and straightforward Easiest Burp-Cloth Tutorial Ever and I love how my burp clothes turned out. I am planning on making a few more, I just need to get more cloths!!

I felt a great sense of accomplishment about these bumper pads. I didn't know exactly what I was doing and I didn't follow a pattern (typical), but I am really impressed with how they turned out. The flannel is so sweet and I love the stars!! I also love that the flannel is still baby but all boy. I bought the 1/2" thick foam padding at Joann and measured the sides of the bassinet and went to town without too many mistakes. I just need to figure out how to make a crib sheet with elastic thread for his mattress pad. If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear about them!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Japanese Strawberry Fabric

If you follow my blog you know I am obsessed with Strawberries. I love them. Everyone who knows me -- knows I love strawberries. My Sister-in-Law recently moved back from Japan and brought me the most wonderful of presents: Japanese Strawberry fabrics. For the last couple years I have been planning to make a strawberry quilt; theses amazing prints will only add to my growing collection!!! thanks Erika.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1, 2, 3 Preschool

When my boys picked out their backpacks for school they went with simple gray. Seeing their plainness, I thought it might be fun to jazz each bag up a little bit. My third grader scoffed and said "No, thanks" but my five year old was all over it!! My second son, has a summer birthday so we are putting off kindergarten one more year and he is attending preschool again.

He and I had so much fun decorating his Preschool Backpack. He decided to put his initial "T" on the front pocket. He picked the green fabrics and came up with "star idea", and got a little help from Mom in the sewing department!! (Most of it I could do on my machine and the last bit I had to sew by hand.)

He loves his school backpack. He is so proud of have designed it himself. In about 20 minutes, we had a super cute personalized bag for Preschool.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Persian Pickle ~ A quilt book

Remember the little quilt club I am in: The Pink Pickle? My quilting club was inspired by this book, and I finally read it. The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas is a great summer read. It is narrated by Queenie, a pickle member, and she tells the story of Depression Era Kansas and what the "Pickles" do when a dead body is found!! For anyone who loves to quilting, friends or even a good mystery this is a quick enjoyable must-read.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomato Sandwich ~ Mid Week Munchies

Tomato Sandwich: how I love thee, let me count the ways.

1. Toasted Bread
2. Red
3. Juicy
4. Mayo
5. Salt and Pepper
6. Summer Harvest
7. Garden Grown
8.  Big Boys
9. August
10. One sandwich is never enough

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nemo Hat

When I realized my due date was in the FALL I asked my friend Jeanette to make me some warm knit hats for the baby. In typical Jeanette fashion she didn't disappoint!!! Check out this adorable Nemo hat she made, she even included the lucky fin. Homemade goodness like this, just makes me smile and internally giggle with glee. I can't wait to have him wear it. Thank you Jeanette, I love it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tahoe = Terrrain

At the beginning of the summer I was given the opportunity to test drive a GMC Terrain for 2 weeks to go on a summer vacation. Instantly, I was happy with glee and then secondly I thought of our annual summer trip to North Tahoe in late July. Being 7 months pregnant riding in a new, roomy, sporty SUV sounded like a great way to spend a vacation.

About 15 miles East of Wendover, Nevada

The Terrain has many excellent/innovative features that made our trip so easy. Just to name a few:

DVD Player
Navigational system
Adjustable back seat
Camera view for assisting in backing up
Remote control liftgate ~ hands free
Large trunk for storing cargo
Touch screen for radio, dvd and GPS
Amazing on Gas

We were so spoiled traveling in our GMC Terrain. To start off, GMC delivered the Terrain to My Driveway (I repeat, my driveway!) with a full tank of gas. Getting ready for our, packing, cleaning, organizing (you know the drill!) with all that to do having the Terrain delivered was so hospitable and accommodating of GMC. Thank You!!! (I should also add they picked the Terrain up from my driveway as well)

Two Thumbs Way Up from my boys.

Favorite Features:

DVD Player: In my everyday car (also, our vacation car) I do not have a DVD player, so the kids and I loved having this feature in the Terrain. It was so nice to sit back, relax and have an adult conversation without the kids butting in saying: "Are we there yet?" They were fully occupied and happy putting in a movie and passing the time. The headphones were a quiet bonus.

Remote Control Liftgate:  Just today my eight year old asked "Why can't our car have a remote control for the trunk (liftgate)." I couldn't agree more. Our next car definitely needs to have this feature, maybe we will even get a Terrain! With all our "stuff" we take on vacation it was so nice to have the liftgate open and close at the touch of a button.

SUV:  I miss our old SUV and having one again for this trip was fun. The GMC Terrain could take us anywhere and get us everywhere. I loved being higher off the ground, which made it easy for getting my big belly in and out of the driver seat. I loved the big tires and great road/sand control while driving. Even though the Terrain is big and tough it had great handling and was easy to maneuver.

Gas: In my everyday car, I get exceptional gas mileage and I was really worried about spending alot more in gas this trip with the Terrain BUT, it couldn't have been more the opposite. The Terrain gave us great gas mileage whether we were running errands around town or zooming down the highway. In North Tahoe gas is quite a bit more spendy then lets say Reno (closest major city), and I was afraid the around town miles would have us guzzling gas right and left, but the Terrain does so great on gas, stopping and filling up never crossed my mind.

Are you as Tough as the Terrain?? Yes!
parked behind the Char Pit in King's Beach

Thank you GMC  for letting us test drive your Terrain for a few weeks. We loved the experience and we loved the Terrain. With baby number three almost here....we have considered getting a bigger car. If so, the Terrain will definitely be added to the list of possibilities.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

33 Weeks

My sweet friend Ella offered some weeks ago to take some pregnancy shots of me. Since this is my third baby and I don't think I have one single photo of myself pregnant, I took her up on the offer. I don't have any idea why I don't have pregnancy photos, other than simply, I am the photographer in the family and I am the one behind the camera.

We met in the middle of our two little Townes at on old, totally cool, abandon house. It was a relaxing setting with the wind blowing and the sun setting. After a few shots I eased into it. With only 7 weeks to go I really need to get the after burners going on all my projects: quilts, nursery, clothes and other essentials.

I just keep telling myself with this hot summer weather....hey, the Mormon Pioneers did it, why can't I!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Field Trip Friday ~ Whole Nuther Level

Here is a little snippet of the antics my husband usually gets himself into while in Tahoe. Afterward, we were all joking that our Tahoe Vacation was taken to a "Whole Nuther Level". He had the whole beach watching in anticipation. The first video is long but the first minute is most critical. We nicknamed the chipmunk "Spencer", and it was a big joke the rest of the trip.

**No chipmunks were hurt in the making of these videos.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Potato Salad in Tahoe

While in Tahoe I thought I would re-share a recipe I posted last summer. In Tahoe we always have a rib night, my brother-in-law Rob works magic with ribs, and this salad will definitely be making it on the table for rib night!! Hot Potato Salad is the most yummy, delicious, second helping potato salad you will ever eat. Not to mention everyone will love you if you make it and think you are the best cook around. For the entire recipe and pictures click here. Did I mention it has sausage in it?? Oh, Yeah!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Field Trip Friday ~ Bean Museum

If your kids love animals the Monte L. Bean Museum on BYU campus is a fun FREE place to take your kids this summer. My boys absolutely love the Bean Museum with all the exotic animals, reptile show and the glorious insect exhibit ~ they are in heaven. I happened to love the air conditioning!! BYU famous creamery is right around the corner and with lots of flavors a scoop of ice cream is the perfect ending to a fun day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birdie Sling ~ perfect diaper bag.

Last Friday I went and spent the day at my friend Jeanette's house and she helped me make 2 Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bags. I planned to keep one bag as a diaper bag and make the other for my sister who's birthday is this month. It was a really fun day, I have never attempted to make a bag before and Jeanette helping me step by step made all the difference. My pregnant brain could have never gone at it alone!! After stopping at Joann's and purchasing the interfacing we got to work. Cutting the interfacing and fabric pattern took the largest chunk of time. It was a little time consuming, but really no different then cutting out all the fabric for a quilt.

All my bag pieces with ironed on interfacing
Handle of Bag
Pocket for inside of bag

Almost done!!
I love the colors I ended up choosing for my sister's bag. I think the pink and browns will hide dirt and look great for a long time. As for me, I think it will be the perfect diaper bag. It is a really big bag, with two great pockets inside for your keys, phone and spare change. The large interior will be great for diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for the baby.

Sister's Bag all finished

My Diaper Bag!!
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