Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Dresser

With just a few days before my due date (Next Tuesday!) the nursery is getting some finishing touches. We have opted to use the bassinet for the first few months and not even assemble the crib. The nursery will be too small with crib, dresser, rocking chair and bassinet all fighting for space in the room. When the Baby (yes, we are calling him Baby, because we haven't decided on a name!)  has grown out of the bassinet will set up the crib and make the transfer.

Crib and Bassinet aside, we desperately needed a dresser. I had the perfect corner in the nursery and knew I needed a specific dresser to fit the space. I wanted something tall, 5-6 drawers, all wood and  preferably inexpensive . After searching furniture stores and online unsuccessfully, I turned to the local classified hoping to find something perfect.

Turns out a family living right around the corner from us was selling a dresser with the exact space proportions, 5 drawers, black, all wood and I was able to get it for $40. That is a better deal than Desert Industries!! It had alot of coats of paint and I was planning on a good sanding job as well as new fresh paint., but once we started taking off the layers we loved the shabby look and just went with it. Although I kinda feel like shabby chic is going out, it still looks cute for a baby, and when he gets older and chews the corners no one will know the difference!!

What a relief to have this off my list. It looks great and all the drawers are filled with his adorable must-haves and what-nots!!


amy smart said...

I love it! And that IS a steal.

Good luck with all the last minute prep. I hope everything goes well next week!!

You are awesome.

Ella said...

You are on a roll! Holy cow You are getting everything done!!! I envy you!BTW cool dresser!

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