Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Due Date

I have reached my Due Date and feel soooo good about where I am at. Mentally and physically I feel like now I am ready to have this baby, but if need be, I can wait a little longer. According to my last period I am due Today, if you go off my ultrasound I am due Monday. Either way I feel like when this baby is done cooking he will let me know. I am dilated to a 3 + and 80% effaced so I know things have been progressing..... when will be the magic day or hour only the baby can decide that.

With my free time, I have been checking off a mental to do list of things I can take care of before the baby arrives:
  • I made 4 freezer meals ~ 2 lasagna and 2 chicken pot pie. I am considering more if time allows.
  • I have set up payments for all my bills in October ~  preschool, credit cards, car payment etc. Nothing like a late fee or waking up in the middle of the night remembering something important was due.
  • My fridge and freezer are stocked with food and snacks so lunches will be easy and no one will be hungry while Dad is in charge.
  • I have cleaned and set up all my Halloween decorations. I know once this baby comes I will never get around to it and who doesn't want to start celebrating Halloween a few days early!
  • I have re-read a few chapters in some of my favorite childbirth books and am ready to tackle another unmedicated birth!
  • I have my bags packed ready to go to the hospital. I bought a couple new shirts and lounge pants to wear at the hospital and when I get while feeling tired, sleepless, overwhelmed and probably more I don't have to feel grungy.
I have been praying this baby gets here with One, Healthy, Happy Delivery! Please keep me in your thoughts.


Amy said...

every time I see French Knots ocme up in reader I wonder if this is "THE POST" where baby is introduced.

Sounds like you are all ready. Good luck and happy pushing!

mamaof5 said...

Your delivery will be amazing! You have had such a great attitude about this pregnancy and that cute baby can feel that! Everything has gone so smoothly. You will be such a great mommy to this new baby just as you are to your other boys. It sounds like you are all ready, but you better call me to help when it happens! Love you!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Pamela -- you're SO organized -- good for you! And Good Luck with the baby -- how very exciting!

Wendy said...

Will be keeping you both in my prayers for a safe, quick and healthy delivery and recovery.

Angela Schofield said...

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