Monday, October 18, 2010

Hardware Halloween

Normally we aren't decorating our pumpkins this early in the Halloween season, but my 8 year old was invited to a Halloween Party over Fall Break (no school) and came home from the party with a carved pumpkin. While he was gone, my husband had been working on a project (what a surprise!) and had every screw, nail, bolt and other miscellaneous hardware(s) all over the kitchen table. This got my 8 year thinking and he wanted to add a few screws and bolts to his pumpkin. Make his pumpkin alittle more intense. I was a little surprised by husband obliged, other than each pumpkin having about $10 in hardware, it was really fun to see his creative juices flowing.

Little brother had to get in on the action as well. He calls his pumpkin a "mechanical spider". Both boys were intensely working for a good two hours on their masterpieces.

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Alicia said...

Before the pumpkins get thrown out for the season, you should pull out all the hardware and take an "after" picture. Fast forward fifteen years, when someone wants to get something pierced, you can pull out the pictures of the pumpkins as a deterrent!

Ella said...

lol I like the last comment! Good Idea! I think those look way awesome, and alot of fun to do. I'm sure I could find all that stuff in my garage! Great Idea!!

Barb said...

Too funny! what an imagination!

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