Thursday, August 26, 2010

1, 2, 3 Preschool

When my boys picked out their backpacks for school they went with simple gray. Seeing their plainness, I thought it might be fun to jazz each bag up a little bit. My third grader scoffed and said "No, thanks" but my five year old was all over it!! My second son, has a summer birthday so we are putting off kindergarten one more year and he is attending preschool again.

He and I had so much fun decorating his Preschool Backpack. He decided to put his initial "T" on the front pocket. He picked the green fabrics and came up with "star idea", and got a little help from Mom in the sewing department!! (Most of it I could do on my machine and the last bit I had to sew by hand.)

He loves his school backpack. He is so proud of have designed it himself. In about 20 minutes, we had a super cute personalized bag for Preschool.


Barb said...

How clever and fun!

Ella said...

you amaze me lady!!!!

3Wildflowers said...

I too was going to spruce up a backpack my mother-in-law got as a freebie to use for my 3yr olds preschool. I was going to take my litle guy to the fabric store and let him choose a fabric he likes and somehow figure out how to attach it to the backpack; depending on if he choose cars I could cut out or a design I'd have to be creative with. How did you attach the fabric on yours? I was thinking craft glue but can you actually sew thru the backpack fabric? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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