Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birdie Sling ~ perfect diaper bag.

Last Friday I went and spent the day at my friend Jeanette's house and she helped me make 2 Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bags. I planned to keep one bag as a diaper bag and make the other for my sister who's birthday is this month. It was a really fun day, I have never attempted to make a bag before and Jeanette helping me step by step made all the difference. My pregnant brain could have never gone at it alone!! After stopping at Joann's and purchasing the interfacing we got to work. Cutting the interfacing and fabric pattern took the largest chunk of time. It was a little time consuming, but really no different then cutting out all the fabric for a quilt.

All my bag pieces with ironed on interfacing
Handle of Bag
Pocket for inside of bag

Almost done!!
I love the colors I ended up choosing for my sister's bag. I think the pink and browns will hide dirt and look great for a long time. As for me, I think it will be the perfect diaper bag. It is a really big bag, with two great pockets inside for your keys, phone and spare change. The large interior will be great for diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for the baby.

Sister's Bag all finished

My Diaper Bag!!


3Wildflowers said...

I've never heard of a birdie sling before, thanks for posting! Love the fabrics you choose too, too cute!

Thimbleanna said...

I've been meaning to make that pattern and it just site and waits -- poor thing. Yours both look great -- and perfect for a diaper bag!

Ella said...

So Cool! I want one of those! Do you have that pattern or is it Jeanette's?

tammy said...

Both are beautiful, but I'm totally drawn to yours. I love the blue print. Very nice job!

A & E said...

Hey lady! Love the bag and can't believe you are preggy with BOY NUMBER 3! Congrats! I am so happy for you. I'm preggy with girl number 3. Seriously? We should swap. :) Glad you are doing great.

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