Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Strawberry Birthday

Last month was my Birthday and my Mom brought me down a few strawberry presents, which got me thinking.... over the years I have gotten a lot of great presents that were Strawberry themed. Take a look:

I got this cute vintage skillet from my Mom.

Kitty gave me this strawberry bowl. Perfect for spinach strawberry salad.

Last year my Sister Tina gave me this strawberry bowl for my birthday from Pier One.
(this picture refuses to face the right way, bugger!!)

My Mom also gave me this great vintage Avon strawberries and cream bath foam dispenser.

Jeanette made me this adorable strawberry hat last year for my birthday. Love it.

I could really go on and on and show tons of pictures and reminisce about wonderful strawberry gifts. It is fun to have a special collection that your friends and family remember and give you when your birthday or special occasions come around. Thank You Everyone.


Ella said...

That bowl looks like the one I gave you! I even had another strawberry thing for your Birthday this year but I could not find it I think I have given you strawberry something every year. Cute stuff!

Amy said...

I love that pan!! Happy Belated Birthday!

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