Thursday, October 23, 2008

Family Tree Quilt #5

I love StRaWbErRiEs!!!!

So I have set a goal for myself. The top of the quilt must be done by the time I drive to California, next Thursday 10/30. It is almost an impossible task, but if I can get it done, it would be the hugomogogest relief and I could really enjoy my vacation, that and finishing my son's halloween costumes.

This strawberry block is split into two pictures, but actually is one long piece of fabric. This block has already changed since taking the picture. The changed block has all the embroidery of words about growing up picking strawberries. Words:

Spiritual, sunrise, hoods, picking more than eating, good times

Guess who said which one?


I'm Kitty! said...

That is super cute!!! Candi - Good times; Tina - picking more than eating; Pamela - Hoods; Jill - sunrise? Am I right?

Jill said...

That looks great Pamela! I say Candi - good times, Tina - hoods, Pamela - sunrise, Catherine - spiritual....and the winner is?

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

I'm so super jealous of this darling quilt. When are you making one for me?

Kim said...

Pam, the quilt is so precious! I admire your talent! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I will keep watching and will be sure to mark my calendar for the big event in November. Have a great trip.

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