Thursday, October 16, 2008


Everyone loves a good rivalry, my husband and I are no exception. Where I live ,the huge rivalry is between the Utah Utes and the BYU cougars. Now, without going into a long, painful, agonizing, long winded explanation of the bitter 100 + year rivalry dubbed the HOLY WAR, I will keep to my post.

My husband is a Utah fan (alum) and I went to both schools so I sit nicely on the fence, leaning ever so slightly so the Utah side. I gotta keep peace! Living in BYU territory tends to get a little ugly for us. So, every once in a while we get a great big belly laugh out of a Utah fan really getting it right.

Hence the picture above. FYI for those of your outta staters: The Grim Reaper is a Utah Ute, and all the graves are teams from the Mountain West Conference. I Love It.


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