Monday, October 13, 2008


"NO!' That what my little 3 year said this morning when he looked out the window. He can't say his "s" sound very well and that's what I heard in my sleepy slumber. I know everyone in Utah will be blogging about how it snowed yesterday...and lets face it ,it is something noteworthy. Most people are just starting to get pumpkins on the front porch - let alone thinking about snow shovels.

Since my camera broke, I can't take any current pictures of the snow day, but I thought I would put up some from last year '07. We got tons of snow last winter, a skiers dream, our yard was covered with snow from December ,when these pictures were taken, to March. That makes for a very long winter for Moms when you don't even see your grass. The kids don't mind as you can see they love it.


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