Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dolly by the Road

Two Birthdays Ago (yes, I am still talking about birthdays!) I was driving home from breakfast with a friend and she spotting "some things" on the side of the freeway. She said she thought they were dolls (mind you ~she is has an eye for this stuff: side of the road treasure hunting!) We pulled over and "what to our wondering eyes should appear" but beautiful dolls in boxes and all!! I was lucky enough to take this cute pie home with me.

She was a girl ahead of her time! She has the coy side-ways look down pat. She does it better than the teenagers on FB.

Her box says she is from 1984! Although she was on the side of the road, there was only a little bit of damage to her box. She was in perfect condition.

You can find her on ebay. She appears to have a had a twin.

She looks just like a character from Mary Poppins ~ balloon and all!

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