Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hot Corn!

Corn is in full swing here in Utah, the fruit and veggie stands have corn coming out their ears. This season my mom and I cooked, bagged and froze corn for the coming winter. On a cold wintry day, pulling a bag of corn out of the freezer and heating it up is so delicious in soups, casseroles, and at dinner time. Freezing it in the fall is fun and rewarding. Here's how you do it:

First: Shuck all the corn, clean, wash and remove husks and silk. Tip: try rubbing ears with a paper towel to remove silk.

Second: get a large stockpot and fill with 2 inches of water. Place lid on top and allow water to boil. Everyone likes to cook their corn differently, but I like to steam my corn, hence only the 2 inches of water.

Once you have a rolling boil, place ears of corn in pot, place lid on and set timer for ten minutes.

Third: remove corn and place in waterbath. (fill your sink with ice and add water. This will chill the corn and get it ready to cut - quickly. Corn only needs 2 minutes in water

Fourth: Cut corn. It is best to cut corn into a large bowl or roasting pan. As you cut the corn, the corn will produce a milky juice and it is yummy and you will want to save it to put in the bags.

Cutting the corn is not tricky, but it does take a
bit of trial and error. Make sure you have a sharp knife!

As you cut the corn, juice tend to splatter, so wear an apron!

Fifth: Bag the corn. I like to put about 2 cups in each freezer bag, that tends to be about the amount that is in the cans at the store. FYI: My mom and I cooked six dozen ears and were able to come away with 28 bags of corn.

If you have never done this before, it is well worth the effort. Enjoy frozen fresh corn all winter long.


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