Monday, March 30, 2009


Every year at our house the Easter bunny along with hiding Easter baskets, leaves a stack of books. My husband and I came up with this idea for a few reasons.

No. 1 We really wanted to get away from the whole idea of "more toys".

No. 2 We hoped this would get our boys excited about books and reading.

No. 3 We wanted the boys to have memories of: "The Easter Bunny gave me this book" and in turn hoping the book would hold sentimental value. (Just like Christmas Presents from Santa!)

Happily I can say all three ideas worked. Even a few days ago, my oldest said, "I wonder what books the Easter Bunny will bring this year?"

So in HONOR of the EASTER BUNNY I am having a giveaway. A BOOK!

The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen
My boys have really loved reading this book this past month. I think it has a great way of explaining how the Easter Bunny got his start. The illustrations are beautiful and you can ask leading questions about story for smaller children with the photos.
This giveaway I am doing tickets: If you leave a comment about an Easter Tradition in your family you'll get one ticket. If you also become a follower or are all ready a follower you get one more ticket!!!
This giveaway ends Friday, April 3rd @ midnight. I'll announce the lucky winner Saturday, April 4th and mail the book in time for Easter.


Ella said...

We always have Easter Dinner with the whole family over!

Ella said...

We color eggs the night before!

Ella said...

The Easter bunny fills the baskets with goodys like Santa.

Ella said...

We have an Easter egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with candy or money (coins) the kids like those one! We usually use the eggs we color too but the kids are so attached to there own eggs they colored, if they don't get theirs, there are hurt feeling!

Ella said...

You just gave me an Idea!!!I'm going to start a new one! I'm going to have a bunch of Easter books out on the coffee table to read each day. I do this at Christmas, why not Easter?WA Hoo!

Jeanette said...

I do a huge egg hunt the saturday before with all the nieces and nephews.

Amy said...

What a great idea! I am excited to go pick out a couple "special" books for the kids.

We have a family easter egg hunt. After all the eggs have been found, the older cousins hide the eggs for the little ones and they continue to have hunts all day long.

The Woff Pack said...

This is such a cute idea. I wish we had thought of it. We love books at our house. My mom will usually give the kids books for their birthdays so that it isn't all toys as well.

Some of our Easter traditions are an egg hunt and lunch at grandmas house on Saturday. We also will make Easter cookies they have a story that goes along with each ingredient, you put them in the oven over night and when you get up the next morning they are hollow just like the tomb was on Easter morning. We also decorate eggs on Friday night. We like to use crayons to color them before you dye them so that they are more personal.
When I was little our tradition was a treasure hunt to find our baskets.
Sunday is always a Ham and Funeral Potatoes dinner. Yum!! And usually birthday cake. My sisters birthday, my birthday, my brothers birthday and Braydons birthday are in the first 2 weeks of April.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Lucky me! I'm going to have a host of ideas for child rearing when the first one joins our little family! I'll pack this book tightly amongst my growing stack of future children items. I have an adorable little red sailors outfit waiting for the day!

erica e said...

well, we don't have any unique traditions. the easter bunny comes and hides the kids easter baskets and they find them in the morning when they wake up. this is a fun giveaway. i love children's books. thanks and happy easter!

Unknown said...

Hi Pam, Lacy and I have been reading through your fun blog and have really enjoyed it.
One of the traditions that we had when I was growing up and that I'm going to start in my own family this year is to have the Easter Bunny visit on Saturday morning rather than Sunday so that we can better appreciate and celebrate the true meaning of Easter on Sunday but still have the fun stuff on Saturday.

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