Friday, August 21, 2009

Field Trip Friday ~ Lake Tahoe

Last week we got to spend a our family vacation in Lake Tahoe. We rented a home for a week, in Incline Village with my sister. I just love to visit Lake Tahoe: pristine blue water, friendly home town feel, picturesque mountains, time stands still, amazing sunsets.

Two days into our trip my camera battery died and I didn't bring my charger (ugh!), but I still got some amazing shots and my sister took photos as well, so hopefully combining them both I'll have the week documented.

Our favorite beach is Sand Harbor. It is a state beach, there is an $8 entry fee and is worth every penny. The crystal clear waters, sandy cove and jumping rocks keep us busy all day. We got into snorkeling this year and it was a favorite pass time.

There are so many beaches all the around the lake. Our last morning we hiked to a new beach and it was beautiful, someone even had built a brick fireplace. So next year, s'mores on the beach!

Incline Village, Kings Beach and Carnelian Bay are home to many great restaurants, mom and pop stops and hole in the wall eateries. Whenever we didn't feel like cooking we could always go out and find something to hit the spot.

This year we took a drive all the way around the lake. We stop at emerald bay, the water was amazingly emerald, and hit South Lake Tahoe. Now that I have seen the whole lake, North Lake Tahoe is my favorite, it is a slower pace, less commercial area. It feels like you are someplace special.

We spent a day jet skiing and I have to admit, that is my favorite. Last year both my boys didn't like jet skiing, but this year they couldn't get enough. I love to go as fast as I can and try and catch as much air as possible, while still hanging on. We decided to use wet suits this year, and that was a good choice. It was a windy day and with the spray of the water we would have froze otherwise.

Next year we want to try Kayaking, there is so much to do and see therein Tahoe, my husband and I are convinced we could live there happily ever after.


Ella said...

It all looks like so much fun! I'm jealous!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! I've never been to Tahoe, but it looks like you had a fabulous vacation!

Dunlap 7 said...

Tahoe is one of my most favorite places ever - what fun it looks like - a boys dream all the way!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like the perfect spot for a family holiday! We can't wait for summer.

Camille said...

oh, how refreshing!! I can see why you'd be able to live there happily ever after! :)

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