Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Travels

This year my family and I are traveling for Christmas. The last and only other time we traveled for Christmas was over 7 years ago to my parents in Oregon. Way back then, I had a two year old and we flew. Three kids later and all the TSA regulations (scary!) we are driving our little family of five to sunny California this holiday.

Athough this will be our first Christmas traveling by car we are no strangers to the Family Road Trip. Never Fear: I've come prepared. Here are some simple, handy, tips and tricks to traveling.

No. 1 ~ Never leave a Man behind. With four Men in my family I've got to keep track of them all!!

NO. 2 ~ Let the driver do the driving. The parent in the passenger seat keeps the kiddos happy so the driver can keep his/her eyes on the road.

No. 3 ~ Keep the kids entertained. This year Santa is dropping presents off early. Activity bags for both boys! Drawing paper, favorite new book, crayons and activity books.  

No. 4 ~ Don't be afraid to stop. We are all about the pedal to the metal, but this time we have a 3 month old. Yikes! Lots of breaks for the littlest man. This year we are even spending a night over in Vegas.

No. 5 ~ Prepare a Emergency Kit. You never know what may happen. Although we are traveling to warmer weather stranger things have happened. We are packing extra water, food, first aid kit, matches etc. Just to be on the safe side.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!!


Barb said...

Have a fun safe trip...sounds like you have things in control!

Ella said...

Have fun! Hope your up for some quilting when you return!

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