Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Best Kind of Quilt

{I am really having a hard time writing this post, because its hard putting into words how much this gift means to me.} Some dear friends surprised me yesterday with a BABY QUILT, for baby #4. I wasn't expecting it at all! {Which is always the best surprise} These "friends" I met through the quilt retreat I held last fall and we were visiting yesterday and all of a sudden they placed this amazing gift in my hands {see above}.
I was just sitting there looking dumbfounded. It was taking me a minute to register what was happening, because lets face pregnancy brain is really bad this 4th time. {It takes me a whille to catch on.} I know how much effort, love, time, resources, and energy it takes to make a quilt let alone a quilt for someone else. These sweet friends got together {without me even knowing} and spent the day piecing, quilting, binding etc. a BEAUTIFUL quilt for me. I just couldn't really express my appreciating and love at the time. I was just staring and stumbling over my words ~ it was the oddest feeling.

Look how adorable this rememberance tag is: that doggie is just the sweetest thing! April's impressive handiwork.

Thank you AprilElla, Emily, Sue, Maggie and Kristen. XOXOXO
Just when you think it can't get any better, you turn the quilt over! Ahhh, just as perfect as the front. The back is from Emily's Going Coastal line from MMF. Love it!!
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Deborah said...

Ah! This is so sweet. Every new baby needs something of their very own. Congrats!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

So gorgeous! What wonderful friends :)
Fabulous label too!

Shan said...

Thats Great. Congratulations on #4. I hope that as I take this journey as a quilter and blogger that I gain friends as dear as yours.

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