Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy, Busy

Happy Tuesday! I have been swamped this past week or so: end of school projects and programs, soccer, quilting getaway, swimming, gardening and vacation planning. Luckily I get to include quilting in my busy schedule. The last week or so I quilted 2 quilts on my machine (at home) Double Yikes!! It was challenging and fun. I bought my machine 6 years ago with the premise to quilt my own quilts, and finally I am just going for it. It feels great.

I tried my hand at stippling (below) on my improv quilt and straight line stitching on my 9-patch on point I had basted at the begining of the month. I had a few hiccups on my 9-patch because of a feed dog issue which I was very discouraged about....but once I figured that out it was smooth sailing.

I got to "escape" here and there last weekend to attending a scrapbook/quilting getaway my friend Ella hosts. I worked on BINDINGS,something I always procrastinate doing, one quilt hadn't been bound from 2 years ago! Oi!! I bound 4 quilts over the weekend. Feels like a weighs has seriously been lifted. I also started work on a block swap: Granny Squares in 30's prints. I love how they are turning out: red/yellow/peach. I am using a strip piece tutorial so things are moving along quickily. Most of the ladies at the getaway are participating so it was fun to see their fabrics and progress.
I can't wait for summer to officially start, school to be finished and to really enjoy the last 10 weeks before this baby arrives. Happy Quilting.

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Ella said...

you are always a busy Gal!!! I love the 30's prints you chose so cute!!!!

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