Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Day of School

Last Thursday, was the last day of school. Ahhhhh!  I can breathe a sigh of relief that there is no more homework, lunches and carpool. After 9 months of school, Mom needs a break too!

We have a fun summer planned. I think the key to staying happy is staying busy. I've been pinning lots of fun kid activities on Pinterest ~ lets see how many we actually get to.

I've also been quilting up a storm. Well, what I would consider a storm... keeping my 2 yo out of trouble is a full time job and my 9 month old is extremely clinging, so quilting up a storm for me is a few hours a week. Ha!

I've been working really hard on my HST quilt form the UCMQG. The group is so inspiring and challenges me to continually quilt out of my comfort zone. I loved working on this HST quilt, I was always afraid of triangles and bias quilts, but with risk comes great reward.

I've spent  40 + hours already on this quilt and I haven't even started hand binding it yet. The bindings on, but I have yet to sit down and finish it. Once I get going, I remember how much I love to just sit with a thimble, needle and stitch. Simplicity!

I got my design idea from Katie of Sewkatiedid while seeing her progress on Instagram. She makes the loveliest quilts, her creativity is through the roof.  It was a real challenge to see a quilt and just go for it with no pattern and no tangible quilt to reference. Although the design is simple, looks were deceiving and this one and took an extreme amount of brain power. Maybe now that school is out...I can sit at the park and finish the binding. Happy Summer Vacation.


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