Friday, November 15, 2013

We are Family

A few weeks back I realized almost all of my family would be in Utah. So I decided we needed to have a family photo shoot. I so appreciate my sisters making the effort to be there. These picture we will cherish forever. It was a great time to capture all of us in our different stages of life. My parents hadn't had photos taken together in 25 years! Far too long. They complained that they looked old...I said "Well,  you can't look 55 when your in your 70's" A good reminder to take photos all along the way of life, and don't stop even if you think you look "old".

 Because we were all doing a session at the SLC Temple we had the pictures taken on the temple grounds. Even thought is was the last day of September the flowers were gorgeous, the sky was overcast the pictures turned out perfect. My kids really cooperated and there was little to no screaming and crying.
As always my friend Kimberly from Echo Photos outdid herself and waved her magic camera. She really is an outstanding family photographer!


Erika said...

Pam these are absolutely PRICELESS. So glad you did it. Wow.

Maggie said...

Stunning photos! What a priceless family treasure to have these!

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