Monday, September 19, 2011

My Turn at Modern Quilting

Over the weekend I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Jenn. She is having her third girl in about 6 weeks and after a hard miscarriage (right before getting pregnant) I thought we needed to celebrate. Jenn is an extremely, creative, talented gal. I feel so blessed to have such inspiring friends. When I was pregnant with H, she knitted me a gorgeous baby blanket. Because she was so generous with her talents,  I wanted to make her a special baby quilt. I wanted to do something really different that pushed me out of my comfort zone: modern quilting.

This is my take on Modern Quilting. I feel like modern quilting has become so popular. Quilter's inspiration is changing and the look and feel of quilts and fabrics are moving in a more modern direction. I want to try my hand at some modern looking quilts. 

I love this shot, it really shows the color variation.(above) I colored the fabric, (they were originally king size white sheets) at the rit dye party. I cut the sheets into three pieces and dyed them in pink/coral colors. Although at the time I thought the 3 colors were in larger contrast from one another, once washed and dried the sheets were very subtle in color variation. The colors are so slight it is really beautiful when pieced together. 
I chose three words to embroider: baby girl, bebe (french) and noelani (Hawaiian) I also embroidered a simple balloon, 3 hearts and xoxo. I found the back in my stash and it was the perfect compliment "Fleurish" by Valori Wells for Free Spirit. I did simple lines of machine quilting so the embroidery wouldn't get "lost" in the shuffle of enjoying/viewing it. 

I love modern quilting, and it was a fun first attempt. I think I'll always love classic quilting (whatever that means!) but I wanted to branch outside the box and stretch my creative self. Which do you prefer? Modern or Classic?

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Lucy said...

Oh this is so adorable! I love it!
I like both modern and traditional and especially a mix of the two! Any kind of quilted goodness :)

A & E said...

you amaze me with your talents girl. i love "bebe"-it's adorable.

Jessica said...

Super cute idea. I am your newest follower. Feel free to check out my site and follow me back here:

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