Saturday, September 24, 2011

One More Gift

I've got a busy weekend. Canning, baby shower, soccer and date night! I hope everyone has a great weekend. October is almost here, yippee! I bound Holly's Quilt and made a few burp clothes for her. BUT, I had to do it sans a thimble. I have 2, but they are both MIA. It is beyond annoying  and slow binding a quilt without a thimble. Grrrr. I've got alot of quilts I am currently working on, but I would be so much more productive if I would clean my quilt room AND I would probably find a thimble in the process. Add that to the list.


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The Seeker said...

I feel the same way you do about thimbles....I cannot live without one. I keep buying more just to ensure that there will always be one available for my hand sewing pleasure. Also, I have a two years old Pixie who is fascinated by Mama's sewing studio and since thimbles hide so easily.....

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