Thursday, September 8, 2011

Strawberry Stitching

My Mom brought this down to me this past weekend. She knows how much I love strawberries. I just flipped over it. It is absolutely breathtaking in person. The stitches and quality of work is amazing.

Right by my parents home in Oregon is an antique mall, (I wish we had something similar here in Utah) where vendors sell antiques of all varying decades and description. I have been know to get lost for hours browsing the vendor booths. She found this little gem and snatched it up; for get this: $8!! Something about the price makes me love it even more.
 The woven basket is so intricately stitched and the color choice variation is perfect.
I would love to know what kind of yarn was used. The knots and stitches give a little puff to the strawberries. They have a roundness and dimension that is darling!
The attention to detail is amazing, nothing was missed, even the strawberry blossoms are captured.
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