Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Tree Quilt

For a very long time it has been a dream of mine to make a FAMILY TREE QUILT (FTQ). I love genealogy and the idea of remembering and honoring those family members in our past, present and future. With my background in quilting, I have spent several years studying FTQs and creating pattern ideas. Nothing seemed quite right until now, and I am excited that I can blog about the quilt to my sisters, family and friends. The FTQ will be a Christmas present to my parents this year.

I came up with the concept of a Tree (duh), but a Tree that grows fruit. I have four sisters and one brother, who is deceased, so I designated each of us a fruit. In the center of the quilt is a beautiful tree and on that tree is each of the fruits. Each fruit represents one of my siblings and their families -Pear, Apple, Peach, Lemon, Cherry and Plum.

This quilt is primarily created from two techniques 1) applique piecing 2) embroidery. The fruit and tree is done in applique and the words and family history is done in embroidery. Since this FTQ is currently a work in progress, (I hope to finish it in the next 5 weeks) I will blog and showcase specific parts of the quilt until it is done.

As you see this FTQ take shape, all the applique piecing is done by a talented and extremely supportive quilt friend named Jeanette. She is a master applique quilter and I owe a world of gratitude to her for helping me with the beautiful applique sections.

The picture above is the tree block, all the fruits are represented on this tree. It still needs a few more leaves and some gravestone at the base. The gravestones will be marked with the intials of both sets of grandparents and my brother who have pasted away.

This is the lemon block, it is represented by my brother, Michael who past away 6 1/2 years ago from open heart surgery complications. The lower half of the block will have his full name and date of birth and death.

I am so thrilled to see this FTQ take shape and see the transformation as each finished block creates the entire quilt.

P.S. This is a surprise Christmas present so mums the word about the blog to mom and dad!


I'm Kitty! said...

It's gorgeous! Does Mom not read this? I have to see more! I love, love, love it! It's amazing! I do think the back fabric will look good with it now! I'm so very excited - nice work!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

What a great idea. I love the fruits. I'm sure you're parents will love seeing the Fruits of their Labor!!

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