Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Birthday Party

I read a statistic that Halloween is now commercially bigger than Christmas. I don't know if I can quiet believe that but, I DO LOVE HALLOWEEN. Not the scary stuff, but defiantly all the ghosts, devils, pumpkins , garlands, black cats, candy!!!!, witches and ghouls, crows, and spiders. What is their not to love?

My son's birthday is in November, right before Thanksgiving and it never works out to have a party, the weather is too unpredictable. So the last couple of years we've done a party in October - Halloween themed. It is so much fun and easy with costumes, Halloween games, treats and of course decorations!!!

Above is a picture from our Halloween Birthday Party a couple years ago. I have always loved this picture. The kids are on a treasure hunt and they are looking for a clue on the door. (I am on the inside taking the picture.) Minnie Mouse is priceless and so is Cinderella. My son is in the purple with the yellow hair.


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