Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Computer

So, about a year ago....my three year, then two year old, decided to have some fun with my home laptop. He proceeded to pull all the keys off the keyboard. Mind you - laptops are very hard to use after this happens. And what does every good mom do when this happens to her only connection to the world wide web....she goes without. Adam would randomly bring home his work laptop and I would get on and check things - bank account, gmail, on-line stores, mapquest, really staying in touch.

But - da, da, dA DA!!!! We got a home desk top computer. Funny after being without it for so long, there are a lot of things I really do want and need to do on my home pc. Before, if I thought of something I wanted to check or see about, I might write it down to check when Adam came home, but more than not I would just forget. Now, if I want to check something out well, la-tee-da I just held down stair and behold the information!!!


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