Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holly Jolly Sisters Giveaway ~ Unfortunate Alice

Holly Jolly Sisters just wouldn't feel like Christmas without hosting a few fabulous giveaways!!
To make sure you get your presents before Santa comes on Christmas Eve the giveaway will end promptly at midnight on the 20th so I can mail your presents early on the 21st.

Follow closely for two more days of Holly Jolly Sisters Giveaways!

Second Present: Unfortunate Alice

I absolutely adore Unfortunate Alice's hair accessories. Her beautiful style and exceptionally made product will make you the envy of every eye this Christmas Eve. Even Santa Elves can't make anything this good. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get this adorable headband with sweet pink flowers and a black polka-dotted feather. I love it!!

To Enter, Please do any or all of the following:
Visit: Unfortunate Alice and leave a comment here, telling me what you love about her hair accessories
 ~ 3 entries
Become a new follower of French knots ~ 2 entry
Become a new follower of Fahrenheit350 ~ 2 entries
Tweet about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Facebook about this giveaway ~ 1 entry
Blog about this giveaway ~ 2 entries

Feliz Navidad!


Unknown said...

I just love your hair accessories because they are gorgeous creations.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Kelly O. said...

very pretty,
I especially like that she doesn't work just in feathers but adds bobs along with the feathers in some of her pieces or just does flowers for some--particularly liked the Gretal headband

Jill K said...

I just love all things feathers!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Super cute!

Amy said...

I love how you can just slip them on over any hairstyle and it doesn't look like you have a headband on!

Camille said...

I like the Gretel bands. all are pretty cute, though!

Camille said...

facebooked it!

Sandy said...

Those hairbands are so different The are gorgeous.

Sandy said...

I'm a new follower

Sandy said...

I'm a follower at Farhenheit 350

Unknown said...

Please come back with the sister's
act for Valentine's Day. I love you two!!!

Samurai Mom said...

I love bold a cessories that are still delicate, and feminine with a hint of vintage

Lynn Osborne said...

I love the headbands because they unique and classy without being overdone.

Unknown said...

My wife like to wear this stuff in her hair. She likes pink.

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