Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pinecone Birdfeeders

Every summer we take a family vacation to Lake Tahoe. The weather, scenery, water, small town feel and restaurants creates the perfect family vacation. All along the coast line and in the forest are massive pine cones. I grew up in Oregon and I know pine cones but these pine cones are on steroids. Every year I say: "I am bringing some of these pine cones home" I always plan to do something fantastic with them and finally this year I did. I decided while picking them up and loading them in my car I was going to make bird feeders.

With the winter chill and snow that accumulates our feather friends really deserve their own Christmas present. The birds in our backyard loves their Christmas Presents, they spend all day nibbling and singing. My boys love to watch them.

At your local pet store or Walmart pick up a bag of bird seed. Bags range in size but each pine cone will hold about 1 cups of seeds. While your at it pick up some cheap peanut butter (PB) and raffia, sting or wire to hang your pine cone.

Melt your peanut butter in the microwave. It makes a huge difference in applying the PB to the pine cone.

Drizzle PB on pine cone covering as much of the cone as you desire. Roll your pine cone in birdseed.

With a long piece of raffia double knot the top of your pine cone. This will allow you to hang your bird feeder from a tree outside.

I brought home so many pine cones... I gave some of the bird feeders away as neighbor gifts and sold a few at the Art Shoppe.

Hang your bird feeder somewhere outside viewable from indoors and enjoy your feathered friends all Christmas and Winter long.

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