Friday, January 28, 2011

Midway Mania ~ Field Trip Fridays

Toy Story 3

My favorite ride at California is Midway Mania. It is the interactive 3-DToy Story Ride. We waited in line 1 1/2 hrs to take our turn. We waited so long in line, I actually got out of line, picked up dinner, brought it back, and ate dinner in line: Burritos, Hot Dogs, and Popcorn.

Midway Mania is a great family ride. My five year old and nine year loved it, but lets be honest, I loved it the most. One reason is: they let me ride and play the games while I carried the baby in his sling/carrier. As soon as we were off the ride, everyone was talking, comparing games and scores. Second reason I loved this ride: I won! best score in the family.

For more Disney Info on Midway Mania click here. Without question, we would have ridden over and over again, if not for the 1 1/2 hour long line. Next time we go; Midway Mania is our first stop.

You get to wear these fun 3-D glasses while riding/playing. Once you have your glasses you know you are almost there. To help pass the time here are three games we played to keep the kids busy:

I-Spy. With so much to do and see at Disneyland. I-Spy was a great game to keep the kids excited.

Line Competition. We played little competitions with the kids. ex. who can stand on one foot, the longest. Who can hold their breathe, the longest. Who can balance on the rail without their hands. Last man standing won. The line moves every couple minutes, even though it is almost a half a mile long! We played simple, small, physical activities that could be played and finished every couple minutes kept them entertained.

Roshambo. Thumb Wars, Arm Wrestling, Getting to Know other families in Line and Back Rubs. Ahhhh!

The funs not over yet! After riding, take a photo opp in the toy box!

Fast Pass

Upon entering the park it is critical to start your fast passes. Our family rule is Mom or Dad keep track/hold of the park tickets and fast passes. The sooner you start getting your fast passes, the sooner you'll get more. For more info on Fast Passes and which rides offer fast passes click here. We always get on-line before visiting and check which rides offer fast passes.

Lots of rides run out of fast passes before the day is over, so make sure you get fast passes early for the rides you can't leave the park without riding. Cross your fingers the other rides will still have passes available later in the day. We missed out on Tower of Terror, they said they ran out of fast passes by 2 p.m.. Also, even though a ride says you have to come back between this time and this time, you don't. As long as you use your pass after the time stated they will accept the fast pass, even if it is hours after the time you were suppose to return.

Questions, Questions, Question! Disney's Website is great at answering anything and everything.


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