Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2011 Everyone!! Although exhausted from the Holidays and our Christmas Vacation I am ready to tackle the New Year. We had a great time in So. California and came back to beautiful snow and sub freezing temperatures in Utah.  Goodbye to 2011, Hellooooo to 2011....

My 2011 Word of The Year is DETAILS

I want to concentrate on the details of my life, get more organized, have a continuous plan and execute with precision. I think it will be a big challenge. I am always a big picture type gal, and alot of times the details get lost. I plan on living more in the moment (details) being conscious of my surroundings (details) and of course capturing Carpe Diem!!

With my Hubby, two older boys and obviously my little guy (my greatest details) it will be a year to remember. Lets see how it goes.

What word have you planned to describe 2011??


Perdita Tinsel said...

I have kinda the opposite resolution- I'm a bit detailed focussed and busy at times. I think I need to paint with a broader brush and be a bit more relaxed about stuff. ;)

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