Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Clean

A few weeks ago we did our annual spring clean-up. We usually start as soon as the snow thaws, and the fear of a huge snowstorm has past. Mind you, in March it will typically still snow, but if the sun comes out it will usually melt by the afternoon.
We start by trimming all our bushes and raking out all the dead leaves and debris from our beds.

We also give our flowering plants "little" haircuts to cut off any dead foliage from winter.

Flowering plants ready for spring: daffoldil, peonies, daylillies, oriental lilies, cone flowers, irises, lambs ear, bee balm, astillbe, delphinium, bachelor button. I can't wait for all my plants to get big and beautiful with bursts of color.

Now all we need is a layer of fertilizer and black top soil to complete our spring clean-up.


Kristen Shumway said...
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Ella said...

You do such an awesome job on your yard! I wish I had a helper like Adam! :(

Ella said...

That first comment was not from Kristen, Ha ha, she must have used my computer and not signed out of her account. LOL

Nina Athena said...

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