Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween House

Check out this amazing Halloween House around the corner from where we live. It is the enthuses of the sweet and cutesy side of Halloween we all love. I am not a huge fan of the gore and scary parts of Halloween not to metion I am deathly afraid of Haunted Houses (don't believe me? read this post!) So a house full of such Halloweeny~goodness makes me want to drive by every day.
I image a house just like this lured Hansel and Gretel (not that I think this house is luring little children into its oven!) but it is so kitchy craft and has about 2000 little relief society knick knack... I am completely in love.

Happy Halloween ya'll. What are the kids dressing up as, you ask?  a nerd: suspenders and all, Dracula: I have the best cape evah and a sweet lil' pumpkin!

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Ella said...

You should see it at night time!!! Lots and lots of light!!!!

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