Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Tree Quilt #6

The Quilt is finally finished. Well, except for the binding!!! But I can whip that out in an afternoon. My dear friend Ella Lung - machine quilted it for me. She did a fabulous job, not to mention quilting it the day before she had her baby! She is amazing.

To finish off each family/fruit block, I decided to have everyone select a family scripture. I was really impressed with everyone's selections:

Jill - Alma 13:28 (Humble)
Candi - Matt 5:16 (Good Works)
Tina - Mosiah 5:2 (Truth)
Michael - Alma 11:44 (Restoration)
Pamela - 2nd Nephi 20-21 (Christ)
Cathy - D&C 24:8 (I am with thee)

We couldn't forget about Tipsy and Danger! Tipsy ended up looking a little bit like a bear, but cute none the less. Gabe sent me the sketches and I traced and stitched the dogs onto the fabric. I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, but it was a fun experiment.


I'm Kitty! said...

That looks amazing! Can you take a picture of the whole thing, and each block and the back draped over the top? I need more! It is fantastic though - amazing job on the dogs! Tipsy looks like Tipsy, they do look a little like stuffed bears anyway!

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