Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting A Tree

Each year, as a surprise, my parents went out and selected our Christmas Tree. We kids waited anxiously at home to see what it would looked like. Being from Oregon and trees there only cost $20, a few times my parents even came home with more than one. So not surprisingly, to my complete horror not only are real trees very expensive in Utah but equally horrifying, they are usually shipped to Utah from Oregon!

Every year nonetheless, we fork over the cash and get ourselves a fresh (ironic) Christmas Tree! The last two years, the tree has been completely dead, brown and almost needless, by Christmas. Last year, I wouldn't even turn on the light unless I was in the room, for fear that the tree would start on fire.

This year we tried something new and went to a fantastic family run tree farm in Alpine. It was great we chose the tree, they cut the tree for us and then we got to take it home fresh from Utah (not Oregon).

Not only did the boys get to help cut down the tree they also got to ride on the back of the four wheeler to bring the tree back to the parking lot. Notice how through the pictures the boy's smiles grow and grow. Even my little one who is notorious for not smiling is beaming from ear to ear in this last one! I think this will be a Christmas Memory they will remember for a long time.


A & E said...

i can't believe how grown up jack and tom are. this year we went to a christmas tree lot, and maya was so not pleased to take pictures with us. oh well. and our tree is dropping needles by the hundreds each day. :)

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