Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Angelic Nativity

About the middle of the month, we started receiving little packages every night on our door. The first one had three wise men and a scripture, the second night was the a shepard with a sheep and a scripture, the third get the idea. It was so fun. The boys absolutely loved and looked forward to each present until the whole nativity was compete.

We have an absolutely amazing nativity sets from Adam's Mom which I threaten the kids to even touch with an inch of their lives. (She wouldn't be to happy if she knew that.) But it is a prize possession. So, this nativity is great, because Thomas and Jack have loved looking at the pieces and resetting up the nativity about a 100 times.

The scriptures have been great - not just the standard scriptures but really great thought provoking scriptures about each member of the nativity. At the end we were a little sad, our very thougthful friends never revealed will remain a mystery. But a greatful
thank you all the same. Thank you!


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