Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Purse

I think that there are three types of Purse People.

1) The first type of purse person is: Functional Purse: Someone who considers a purse totally functional. It serves a purpose, it holds money, stamps, keys, sunglasses etc. When they have kids they may even use a diaper bag instead - total functionality.
2) The second type of purse person is: Anti Purse: Someone who hates purses, maybe they prefer a wallet attached to a chain that fits in their back pocket or they just use their back pocket to hold necessary items. This person thinks purses are not for them.
3) The third type of purse person is: Purse Lover: Someone who LOVES purses and they have many. A different purse for different needs, or outfits, or social engagements. They may even considered a purse an mandatory accessory.

What is funny about my purse theory is I have run the gamut of all three purse people. I started out as the Anti Purse - I dare say I hated purses....what was the point? I bought a old post office letter pouch that was 6 inch by 4 inches that I kept things in. My mom finally took it from me saying I was going to ruin the pouch and I needed to buy a purse.From there I stumbled through a few wallets here and there. Holding up lines everywhere I went trying to find necessary items. About ten years later I actually bought a purse. For $2.00 at Down East Home with my niece who subtle urged my that I probably needed it. See Below:

But.... Last week I went

to Anthropologie (my favorite store) and Adam saunters over twirling a purse on his own wrist trying to entice me. Now, I have to admit I am just starting the Purse Lover stage, but I am enraptured with this one. It is big and bulky and holds all my fun stuff - camera, gum, sunglasses and wallet. I love the colors and embroidery and the leather handle is soft and smooth. When Adam hands me the purse he says: "Please buy this! Look it is on sale" (which he knows is a dead ringer) I thought to myself....I have been eyeing alot of purses lately that I would just love to have, it is from my favorite store and on sale. Maybe I need to embrace my new love of purses and grow-up and be a Mom with a purse that can hold everything she needs. We'll needless to say.... that purse has a happy home.


Ella said...

I have to say that is some purse!I was wondering about the old purse if there was some sort of attachment to it, I think you have had that purse since I have known you anyway I'm glad you have become a purse lover!

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