Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sisterly Joke

I have a running joke with my sister about how I can't take a decent snapshot. It's true. Professional photos - pretty decent but, boy do I have some doosies from the old Motorola. I just get caught in the most unflattering moments. Some of the photos are painfully funny to snicker over and other you just feel sorry for me. Last weekend didn't disappoint...another photo to toss in my horrendously large stack. This one is for you Tina!


A & E said...

i have tons of pics of you and i in memphis, and let's just say they are 'chachin'. :) i really like your hair by the way.

Ella said...

I think we all have some of those pics I my self have a few doozers. maybe we should start a blog tag about our doozie pics,wouldn't that be fun! But I want to know what 'chachin'is?

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

You look great, love that face!

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