Monday, February 2, 2009

The Greatest Valentine's Ever

Happy Valentine's Day! I know 13 days early but, I want to start February off properly. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. My husband's favorite is the Fourth of July so our family is a little nontraditional with our holidays around here. I love Valentine's Day; how sweet that the whole world sets aside one day to let "their special someone" know how much they really care. Candle light dinner, box of chocolates, romantic poems, a dozen red roses, just to name a few. It is just so romantic!!! I am devoting the next 14 days to helping you make this Valentine's your best ever. So enjoy....

Make a LIST: that's right. Make your valentine list. Think of all the special somethings you want to do this year. I did mine....let me share a few:

1. Chocolate covered strawberries
2. Love notes
3. Decorating my house
4. Send out valentines
5. Be someone's secret admirer
6. Decorating cookies
7. Things I love
8. Death by chocolate

My list goes on and on. Start thinking......make a list.


Kerri said...

love the idea of making a list! thanks for sharing. :)

Jenny said...

I think it's one of my favorite holidays, too. I used to be a school teacher and there was nothing better than the school Valentine parties.

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