Thursday, February 5, 2009

Party Planning

I am planning my son's first grade Valentine Party. My son's class is split into tables with 4 - 5 children at each table. The kids will rotate valentine activities according to their table. Here are some of the fun activities I came up with:

1. Funny Conversation: make a funny sentence using Valentine Conversation Hearts.
2. Balloon Cupid: have each kid blow up a small balloon, then have them draw Cupid's face on the front, glue on paper wings and they have their own cupid to take home.
3. Bubble Gum Blowing Contest! I thought this would be fun if it went in rounds.
4. Valentine Book: Read the kids a story about Valentine's Day.
5. How many? Have a large glass jar filled with candy and have each table guess the number of candies inside, the table closest wins a prize.

These are just some simple party ideas that are age appropriate for 6-7 year olds.


Jodi Nelson said...

Hey you, did you get my email last night ? So excited to have found your blog. ooxx`jodi

kellieanne said...

Thanks for the ideas Pam! You are a great source for party planning.

Unknown said...

oh I LOVE this idea!
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