Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Candy Box for Dad

Although my boys are young they do notice around Valentine's Day the smorgasbord of Valentine gifts and candy boxes. So this year, I thought lets make our own "candy box" and give it to Dad for Valentine's. This project was very easy, simple and all boy!

I took the boys to our local craft store and found a suitable box. My boys thought this one kinda looked like a briefcase!! We got out all our paints and brushes and they went to town. Covering the entire box with fun colors and designs. (Allow box to dry overnight, depending on how many coats of paint were applied.) Then we went to our local grocery store and loaded up on all of Dad's favorite candies and valentine treats.

In a quick afternoon we had painted and put together a great gift for Dad. The boys want to surprise him and leave it in his car tomorrow morning so he can take his candy box to work.
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