Monday, February 2, 2009

Olivia's Quilt

There is no better way to say "I love you" than to make someone a quilt. A dear friend of mine had a baby a few months ago and I knew just the thing to make her: A Baby Quilt! I started out with the idea to have an appliqued bunny in the middle with a pink button eye and a little red heart by it's mouth.

Then I decided I wanted the bunny to be surrounded by a dynamic checkerboard. I stripped pieced the checkerboard which made it very easy.

I made two 1/2 inch inner boarders around the bunny: flowers and then polka-dots. For the two outside boarders I flipped them: polka-dots first (1 1/2 inch boarder) and flowers (5 inch boarder).

In all I only used 4 fabrics, which is unusual for me, but I kept it sweet and simple and let the fabrics do the talking for me. The only other thing I need to add is "Somebunny Loves You" embroidered above the bunny.


Ella said...

Pamela It turned out so beautiful,
Thank you for all you do for me and miss Olivia thanks you as well, you are truelly a terrific friend ,I am so very lucky to have you in my life ,no one good ask for a better friend, I love you!
Again Thank you you are the best!
luv ya

Fahrenheit 350° said...

That is really darling! Lucky friend!

Jenny said...

How beautiful! Seeing this quilt makes me wish I could quilt.

Jodi Nelson said...

Adorable quilt! I'm having so much fun visiting your blog. ooxx`jodi

*emilie* said...

this quilt is just adorable ! i love the idea to mix baby and love together !

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Oh I love it!

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