Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowmen Cheer

Aren't these snowmen fun? I can't get enough of snowmen at Christmas Time. Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul....

About a month ago I was contacted by POM Woderful to review their delicious pomegranate juice. As soon I opened the box my husband said: "I love Pom juice" ~ no lie. (More on the yummy juice later!) And being the crafter I am; I took one look at their juice bottle and thought: "Snowman"! Their bottles are the perfect style and size for your very own crafty snowman this Holiday Season.

Today after school the boys and I got busy. Snowman 101 went into effect. All you need is some POM Wonderful juice, black and white paint, twigs, scarf fabric, buttons, bells, other fun embellishments and candy.

Step 1: Clean and Rinse POM juice bottle. POM juice must be refrigerate, so if you want them for display you'll need to drink the POM juice first! Step 2: Paint bottle white and cap black.

Step 3: Fill bottle with candy, rice or something heavy so your snowman won't tip over. We prefer candy.

Step 4: Once bottle and cap is dry ~ start decorating. Add your snowman's scarf and buttons, bells and embellishments. Add twigs last, as they get in the way of decorating if you don't.

My boys and I had a blast decorating our snowmen and using the glue gun. They look so festive on our kitchen table. Who knew I would have such crafty boys!! Besides painting the bottle this is an extremely easy craft for children. If your children aren't old enough to use a glue gun make sure and help them attach their snowman embellishments.

***POM Wonderful juice can be purchased at most local grocery stores: Whole Foods, Albertsons, Winco, Food 4 Less, Safeway etc. For a complete store directory in your state click here.

Now, head on over to Kitty's blog to learn how to make a delicious Snowman Cheese Ball. Perfect for your work, neighbor, school or church Christmas Party!


Camille said...

Cute idea! See,I can't look at an object like a POM bottle and think of a snowman. You ARE creative! :) P.s. I like POM juice too :)

Ella said...

Where do you get POM juice? BTW cute!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Okay, they look just like snowmen! How perfect. So creative!

Pamela said...

Ella ~ POM juice can be purchased at Whole Foods, Albertsons, Smith's, Harmons in Utah!

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